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Only Now During these Winter Days

Buy 4 Rapé for 100EUR

Select from:
Matsini Yawanawa/ Into The Heart, Clear Vision, Nukini, Caneleiro Tsunu, Murici Traditional/ Forca Da Cura, Poyanawa, Yawanawa Feminina, Huni Kuin, Apurina, Shawadawa

- Spend a minimum of 60EUR on Jewellery and/or Ceremonial Items -

Get 1 Rapé for FREE


We are very happy to invite you on a mystical journey into
the depth of the Amazonian Rainforest. An opportunity to be with, learn from, heal and laugh with the Yawanawá tribe. To study their rich culture and the way of working with the sacred medicines from the forest. This will be a journey in which we will travel deep into the Amazon and live within the Yawanawá village.

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