About us

Adam First has been pilgriming different parts of the earth, learning, sharing and teaching different healing modalities for about 18 years now. A few years ago Adam was introduced to the traditions of the Amazon rainforest. In his first journey to the jungle he was touched by the songs and culture of the Yawanawá and since then he dedicated himself to deepen the study, connection, and alliance with the indigenous people of the rainforest developing projects and supporting the community. Adam is a dedicated Kambo practitioner, holding Kambo circles and other healing modalities in many countries.

Bastiaan Kamãvena is a medicine musician, who has been walking within different medicine traditions and spiritual studies, but the Yawanawá tribe conquered his heart. In the last few years he went very deep into this culture, mastering many songs and receiving new melodies to traditional songs. He became a bridge and alliance who translates the Yawanawá tradition and music to the western world and gives a different access and colour to the study of this sacred indigenous tradition. He is also involved in the process of organizing retreats in Mutum, improving the living conditions of the tribe and recording their music. He is settled in the Netherlands, where he is a loving father of a beautiful daughter, and travels to various countries to share his ceremonial work and music.