YawaYawa Finest Rapé Gesileu Special

YawaYawa Finest Rapé Gesileu Special


Amount: 14grams


This rare Hapé (Rapé) that is carefully produced by a former Nukini Tribe member - Gesileu has since created his own unique Blend, based on the Nukini Tribes Teachings. Some consider this even more powerful than the already well known Nukini Rapé.


It is a strong and powerful Rapé, recommended for both Beginners and experts Alike.


This is great for Cleansing, grounding, opening the 3rd eye chakra and meditation to name a few.


This Hapé creates a powerful Sensation with a hint of fruity notes and helps to create focus and heighten awareness.


This product is an insence and not meant for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.


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