YawaYawa Finest Rapé Tsunu Yawanawa

YawaYawa Finest Rapé Tsunu Yawanawa


Amount: 14grams


Yawanawa Tsunu has female energy, opens and harmonizes the chakras, helps to remove blocked energy. In some cases, it happens that it cleans the digestive tract (this may be vomiting or diarrhea). Tsunu grains, which are one of the main components of these mixtures, are known as a medicinal plant that supports digestion.

Tsunu cinza has a healing effect on the energy body.

Tsunu rasu also works intensively on the emotional level, opens the crown chakra, third eye, thymus and heart. Hortelã also focuses on the higher chakras and additionally purifies the pineal gland and sinuses.'


This product is an insence and not meant for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.


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